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Over 250,000 people have gone through an InsideRisk experience. 94% loved it. For many, this has radically changed their leadership.

"A unique and memorable way to take a deep and honest look at our leadership skills."
Bruno Giussani
International Curator, TED
"Every leader should experience it."
Louise Kyhl Triolo
Head of Leadership Development
and Culture Innovation, Airbus
"A fantastic immersive experience useful to anyone approaching a high-risk situation."
Pamela Meyer
Best-selling author of "Lie Spotting"
"A frighteningly realistic simulation of business risk and high stakes decision-making."
Robert Harpel
CTO, Fitch Ratings
"Revolutionizes the way a true story can be experienced."
Michael A. Rey
Investigative Producer
"60 Minutes", CBS

Our Clients

We work with organizations from across the globe.

Put yourself in the shoes of exceptional leaders.

Through our unique immersive approach, you will have to make the critical decisions faced by the protagonists from our true stories and learn from your journey.

Embrace some of the best research available.

You will experience game-changing ideas from the most advanced books and research in various fields and deploy them in the context of real-life cases.

Our Academic Partners

Our programs are regularly presented in collaboration with some of the top international business schools.

Thrust yourself in life-changing true stories.

Experience and master game-changing ideas.

Radically transform your leadership.

Co-create your experience

InsideRisk can be experienced in different ways and tailored to various needs and focus. Let us guide you in finding the most impactful format. Get in Touch

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