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How do you ensure that your decision-makers thrive in times of deep change?

Provide your people with a new decision-making framework, centered on risk visualization.


Offer them a transformative experiential learning program, which they will remember forever.

Your collaborators will be thrust into a true case. They will be put into the shoes of François Carrard, Director General of the International Olympic Committee and AD Frazier, Chief Operating Officer of the Atlanta Games, who had to lead through the bombing of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, USA..

They will experience game-changing ideas from the most advanced books and research in various fields.


They will instantly be able to deploy powerful behaviors in their own environment – that's experiential learning at its best!

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InsideRisk triggers cognitive breakthroughs by thrusting your collaborators into real cases.

Scientific research shows the effectiveness of experiential learning.

A wide body of research demonstrates that people's capacity to apply their learnings in the long term is drastically increased if their training reproduces the emotional response they would have in the real world. This is why, in every InsideRisk program, we put the participants into the shoes of real-life protagonists.


Your collaborators will retain and master the soft skills that will amplify their leadership impact and performance.

Trusted by the most demanding organizations worldwide

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Program Overview

From the true case of the Atlanta Olympics' bombing, your collaborators will learn how to deploy the most powerful decision-making behaviors.

Goal of the program

The program is designed to prepare your team to embrace the best practices of high-performance decision-makers. 


Your collaborators will experience the phased process of critical decision-making. They will benchmark themselves against their peers and the real-life protagonists of the true case: François Carrard, the former General Director of the International Olympic Committee and AD Frazier, the Chief Operating Office of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.


The program is in English.

Your team will experience and practice game-changing ideas directly connected to the type of situations that they will be facing, from the most advanced books and research in various fields.

Program overview

Assault On The Summer Games
High-Performance Decision-Making

Available in different formats

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Live immersive



Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at



On-site event

Program content

Immersion in the true case:

Your collaborators will make different critical decisions, both individually and in group, each one highlighting an essential step of InsideRisk's decision-making framework.

Seven game-changing ideas presented in the context of the various critical decisions.

A hands-on approach to risk visualization featuring a groundbreaking method to map stakeholders in real-time and evaluate the risks trends inherent to each scenario. This will allow your teams to be aligned when facing tough choices and implementing them.

Powered by:

A customized debrief allowing participants to understand how they can leverage their takeaways in their own professional environment.

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Real-life protagonists

The case features the exclusive testimonials of the former General Director of the IOC and the Chief Operating Officer of the 1996 Olympics.

As General Director of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Francois Carrard supervised seven editions of the Olympic Games, from Albertville 1992 until Salt Lake City 2002.

During these years, François collaborated closely with AD Frazier, the Chief Operating Office of the Atlanta Games, preparing for what was going to be one of the most well organized and profitable Summer Olympics ever put together.

Neither François, nor AD ever imagined that – in the midst of a terrorist attack that took place during the 1996 Atlanta Games – they would be called upon to make, together, one of the most difficult decisions in the history of the Olympics: to stop or continue the Games.

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François Carrard
Former General Director
International Olympic Committee

AD Frazier
Chief Operating Officer
Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympic Games

“A unique way to take a deep and honest look at our leadership skills.”

Bruno Giussani / International Curator 


"Revolutionizes the way a true story can be experienced."

Michael Rey / Investigative producer 60 Minutes

60 Minutes

"An incredible moment of introspection."

Bertrand Piccard / Solar aviation pioneer, President of Solar Impulse Foundation

Solarimpulse Foundation

Your team members will be immersed in confronting one of the most difficult decisions made in the history of the Olympics.

Game-Changing Idea #1

What is the first thing that high-performing decision-makers do when they face a critical situation?

Your people will experience the challenge of defining a very complex problem. They will discover the nuts and bolts of "reframing", the process of changing the perspective or interpretation of a problem or situation to generate new insights or solutions..


Game-Changing Idea #2

Do your teams look for the most robust way of framing the problem?

Before firming up the contours of the decision that they have to make, your team members will have to develop a solution that points toward success under several different frames.

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Game-Changing Idea #3

Do your teams have a methodology to visualize their stakeholders and create real-time alignment?

Powered by:


Your collaborators will experience the power of mapping the stakeholders' perspectives in regard to an evolving situation. They will realize that a simple methodology allows them to deal much more confidently with uncertain contexts and acquire a sharp understanding of the decisions to be made. Also, risks visualization is key to prepare teams for an effective implementation of the decision.


Referenced research:

Marco Mancesti is a corporate strategy expert who was the former Head of Research and Development at IMD Business School. Mancesti is the Founder and CEO of Gerositus, a digital platform that offers multiple applications for strategy development.

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 12.15.32 PM.png

Game-Changing Idea #4

Are your people's decisions driven by sunk costs? 

People often make the mistake of letting past investments influence their decision to continue with a project, falsely believing that carrying on is the only way to justify these costs. However, when costs continually rise with no obvious end, it's sometimes best to make the tough decision to halt the project. "When is the right time to abandon a project?" is a key question that your team members will face during their immersion.

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Game-Changing Idea #5

Are your teams making gender biased decisions?

Is any one gender more risk averse than the other, or more capable of taking the lead in high-stakes situations? This essential question gets very different answers depending on the organizational context in which a team operates. According to some of the most recent scientific research, there's plenty of evidence showing that this debate – often a tacit one – is strongly distorted by gender biases. This often obstructs organizations and teams from selecting the most suitable people to achieve ambitious goals.

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 1.44.08 PM.png

Game-Changing Idea #6

Do your people assess the quality of decisions made by others based on outcome or process? 

People tend to assess a decision based on its outcome, rather than on the quality of its process. The problem with the 'outcome-based' decision approach is that it often obliterates the true reasons for success and failure, and prevents people from changing course at the right time to achieve high-performance.

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 9.39.00 PM.png

Game-Changing Idea #7

Are your people taking the risks required to lead them to a more purposeful life? 

The human brain is wired to resist change and reduce risks, in a constant effort to save energy and seek for safety. This primal reflex often gets in people's way, hindering risk-taking and and keeps them from reaching more meaningful goals.

Your collaborators will discover the InsideRisk Decision-Making Framework, which integrates the best practices and research on decision-making 

Louise Kyhl Triolo
Head of Leadership Development, Culture Innovation

"An incredibly eye-opening, intense and deeply reflective leadership experience. Insiderisk makes us go straight to the core of who we are, what values we live by, how we take decisions.


This is a truly transformational simulation that brings about the most honest and truthful exchanges amongst participants and with oneself.


Every leader should experience it."

Jean-Christophe Jaunin​
Chief Revenue Officer

InsideRisk delivers a unique and intense experience where genuine leadership is exposed and tested (through our own values and collaborative skills rather than our expertise). ​

We have learned a lot and will apply these learnings in our day-to-day job. Highly recommended.”

Fiona Ferguson
Group People Experience

“One of the most impactful learning experiences I have ever had. The ‘game changing’ ideas are spot on and leave you wanting to deploy them immediately.”

Jessica Maiano
Deputy Director

"Best training I have experienced. The technology has been seamless. The scenario allows for you to put yourself in the shoes of the person and react according to instinct AND once given further keys, lesson and information to rethink your initial reactions."

Uniba partners
Mareen A. Hüffmeier

"We wanted to provide our participants with a growth experience, something to help them clarify their own leadership thinking and provide them with a framework for the dilemmas all leaders eventually face. 

I feel that InsideRisk fully succeeded in reaching that goal." 

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 10.38.32 PM.png

Over 250,000 people have gone through an InsideRisk experience. Here is what they say:

"One of the most impactful learning experiences I have ever done. Not only captivating and fun but the quality of the learning is outstanding. The ‘game changing’ ideas are spot on and leave you wanting to deploy them immediately."
Fiona F. / Participant

Let us show you how our programs can be tailored to your needs.

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