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Leading Through Radical Complexity

The World’s First Continuing Experiential Program
for Top Decision-Makers and High Potentials

Your key talents need much more than traditional leadership development

Every organization potentially faces radical complexity: challenges of unpredictable nature that require outstanding leadership capabilities.


Typical leadership development – predominantly academic and theoretical - does not equip people with the practical experience required to succeed in such high-stakes situations. 


In response to our clients' needs, we have developed the world’s first continuing, state-of-the-art experiential learning program for top executives and high potentials.

Leading Through Radical Complexity regularly thrusts your collaborators into highly immersive experiences, based on real cases, triggering emotional and cognitive breakthroughs.

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InsideRisk is trusted by the most demanding organizations worldwide

European Investment Bank
axiata advancing asia
Airbus Helicopters

Your top talents will discover how reshaping their leadership is crucial for navigating radical complexity and achieving sustainability.

Program Overview

Continuing hands-on training based on true cases, featuring the real-life protagonists

Goal of the program

The program is designed to quickly broaden your top decision-makers' and high potentials’ experience and drastically enhance their critical leadership skills over time through hands-on practice.

Based on InsideRisk’s unique experiential learning methodology, your collaborators will be regularly immersed in fascinating true cases and learn from their own decisions. They will benchmark themselves against their peers and the real-life protagonists of the true cases.


The program is in English.

Your team will experience and practice game-changing ideas directly connected to the type of situations that they will be facing, from the most advanced books and research in psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics.

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Leading Through Radical Complexity

Program overview

A novel approach emphasizing the direct correlation between proficient leadership and ESG-driven performance 

Customized to address the needs of your organization

Each session is tailored to enhance specific leadership skills that you want your key talents to amplify   

and provides you with a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your decision-makers.


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Live immersive



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On-site events

Centered around highly immersive and emotional experiences

Learning outcomes

Year 1 / Foundations

Mastery in building trust and psychological safety in high-stakes situations.

Intense practice of leadership and critical decision-making in radical complexity

Deep understanding of the impact of values and ethics in the business environment

Insight into between proficient leadership and ESG-driven performance through the quantification of decision-making outcomes

Peer learning and team buildng in a dynamic setting


Year 2 / Ongoing practice


Ongoing leadership practice and knowledge acquisition on critical topics, such as EGS's, cyber threats, AI and cross-cultural leadership, among others.

Enhanced capacity to drive innovation and lead in fast-changing landscapes.

Intense collaborative learning.

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Leading Through Radical Complexity

Try a short immersion for free NOW!

Immerse yourself into the first minutes of the cyberattack of TV5 Monde and learn how to control your emotions in high-stakes situations.  

Your immediate takeaway:

A technique used by high-performing leaders to control their emotions.

You will experience an "amygdala hijack" – an essential phenomenon taking place in the human brain while under high pressure, first revealed by Daniel Goleman in his best-selling book "Emotional Intelligence".

3-min experience - FREE

Louise Kyhl Triolo
Head of Leadership Development, Culture Innovation

"An incredibly eye-opening, intense and deeply reflective leadership experience. Insiderisk makes us go straight to the core of who we are, what values we live by, how we take decisions.


This is a truly transformational simulation that brings about the most honest and truthful exchanges amongst participants and with oneself.


Every leader should experience it."

Jean-Christophe Jaunin​
Chief Revenue Officer

InsideRisk delivers a unique and intense experience where genuine leadership is exposed and tested (through our own values and collaborative skills rather than our expertise). ​

We have learned a lot and will apply these learnings in our day-to-day job. Highly recommended.”

Fiona Ferguson
Group People Experience

“One of the most impactful learning experiences I have ever had. The ‘game changing’ ideas are spot on and leave you wanting to deploy them immediately.”

Jessica Maiano
Deputy Director

"Best training I have experienced. The technology has been seamless. The scenario allows for you to put yourself in the shoes of the person and react according to instinct AND once given further keys, lesson and information to rethink your initial reactions."

Uniba partners
Mareen A. Hüffmeier

"We wanted to provide our participants with a growth experience, something to help them clarify their own leadership thinking and provide them with a framework for the dilemmas all leaders eventually face. 

I feel that InsideRisk fully succeeded in reaching that goal." 

Leading Through Radical Complexity includes live group experiences delivered either online or onsite – in your own premises – as well as online individual asynchronous experiences.  

Do you want to experience InsideRisk on your own?

Our open programs are here to allow you to dive right in!

“A unique way to take a deep and honest look at our leadership skills.”

Bruno Giussani / International Curator 


"Revolutionizes the way a true story can be experienced."

Michael Rey / Investigative producer 60 Minutes

60 Minutes

"An incredible moment of introspection."

Bertrand Piccard / Solar aviation pioneer, President of Solar Impulse Foundation

Solarimpulse Foundation

Over 250,000 people have gone through an InsideRisk experience. Here is what they say:

"One of the most impactful learning experiences I have ever done. Not only captivating and fun but the quality of the learning is outstanding. The ‘game changing’ ideas are spot on and leave you wanting to deploy them immediately."
Fiona F. / Participant

Let us give you a demo of Leading Through Radical Complexity.

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