We develop exciting new concepts in learning around leadership and crisis management.

We are building on the diverse creative, production, and business development expertise of an international team. 

Founded in 2018 by producer/director Edouard Getaz, InsideRisk engages both emerging and existing audiences in compelling experiences delivered across diverse platforms, combining new and traditional media. We are positioning ourselves to be the most innovative and creatively dynamic company in the space of leadership development, whose products are all designed to foster critical thinking and ethical behaviors.

The Team

creates and markets groundbreaking experiential learning, immersive live events, live webinars and digital programming in app and television formats, all centering on true stories of high-stakes incidents.

Edouard Getaz
Founder and CEO
Catrin Möhwald
André Brühlmann
Stephen Greco
Editorial Director
Julien Brinas
IT Strategy & Developments
Johannes Meissner
Head of Customer Journey
Our moderators

deliver events around the world

Edward Wareing, London, UK, leadership coach and communication expert
Matthew Fairless, Zurich, Switzerland, IMD High Performance Leadership coach
Edouard Getaz, New York, USA, founder of InsideRisk and producer/director
Willem Guus, Johannesburg, South Africa, leadership expert and keynote speaker
Michael Bret Hood, Raleigh, USA, leadership expert and former FBI Special Agent 
Sashe Kanapathi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, leadership expert
Our Offices
are based in beautiful Switzerland and our showroom is located in Times Square - in the heart of New York City.

InsideRisk S.A.
Château de Glérolles
Route du Lac 27
1071 Saint-Saphorin

InsideRisk LLC
Situation Room
Times Square
260 West 44th Street
New York (U.S.A.)