What type of leader are you under high pressure?

Fast-acquire insights into neuroscience, psychology and the art of influencing.

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Gain an outstanding leadership experience.

You will be thrust into a true case: you will have to make the critical decisions faced by the real-life protagonist, J.P. Mottu, a Swiss executive who finds himself in Colombia, negotiating for the release of one of his employees kidnapped by Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries.

You will experience game-changing ideas from the most advanced books and research in various fields.


You will instantly be able to deploy powerful behaviors in your own environment – that's experiential learning at its best!

InsideRisk triggers cognitive breakthroughs during intense online immersions.

Scientific research shows the effectiveness of experiential learning.

A wide body of research demonstrates that people's capacity to apply their learnings in the long term is drastically increased if their training reproduces the emotional response they would have in the real world. This is why, in every InsideRisk program, we put you into the shoes of real-life protagonists.


You will learn to master the soft skills that will amplify your leadership impact.

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Shadows of Medellin

High-Stakes Leadership in Action

From a true kidnapping situation,
experience how to inspire others, resolve conflicts and overcome psychological hostage situations.

InsideRisk offers a groundbreaking approach, combining highly produced streaming interactive video content with direct online group work and live moderation by InsideRisk's Founder Edouard Getaz. You will be immersed into a highly emotional journey from which you will learn to master soft skills in a way that will impact you forever.

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The program is based on the InsideRisk Leadership Framework, which has been developed by an international team of leadership experts, psychologists, neuroscientists and storytellers. The InsideRisk Leadership Framework reinforces critical behaviors that will increase your performance as a leader.

Phase 1


Thrust yourself into

a true kidnapping situation.

3 x 20 min interactive video episodes

Prior to joining your live group event online, you will receive three interactive streaming video episodes accessible from any device, at any time.


Each episode requires that you make one critical decision — thrusting yourself in the position of the main protagonist and negotiator, J.P. Mottu.


You will explain your decisions and store them on the program's platform.

The InsideRisk team will look at your arguments and prepare your integration into the live group event.

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Open program overview
(entirely online)

Phase 2

Online group immersion

Face decisions together.

Learn and debrief.

4-hour live online session

Your group session will be the core of your learning experience.


InsideRisk's Founder Edouard Getaz will lead and moderate the event, live from our studios.


You will pursue your immersion in the true case, working individually and by groups (in virtual break-out rooms), depending on the task. 


You will then go through a full debrief with your peers and set milestones to deploy game-changing ideas in your own life.

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Phase 3


Put into practice.

Self-assess yourself.

At your convenience:

short summaries over 3 months

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On a regular basis, we will send you short video summaries of the game-changing ideas experienced during the live group immersion. Over 3 months, you will receive a few short self-assessments to support you in the deployment of your learnings (3 min each).

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Interactive video episodes + 4-hour live webinar + short self-assessments + learning materials for 1 year

USD 300.00

per person



At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate attesting that you completed the InsideRisk program "Shadows of Medellin - High-Stakes Leadership in Action".

You will be able to click-and-post the certificate directly to your LinkedIn profile.


Game-Changing Idea #1

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Immerse yourself into a hostage situation and discover the power of tactical bonding when dealing with conflict.  

George Kohlrieser - Hostage at the table

Your immediate takeaway:

A technique used by hostage negotiators to increase their influence over kidnappers.

You will be thrust into a short experience that will show you the human dynamics that bonding can trigger. You will discover one of the key concepts underlying Prof. George Kohlrieser's work, a hostage negotiator and one of the world's leading experts in emotional intelligence applied to leadership.

3-min experience - FREE

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Game-Changing Idea #2

Statistically, the human brain prefers avoiding losses rather than opting for gains. How does this impact your decision-making?

In the context of the true case of J.P. Mottu,  you will be called upon to make critical decisions and you will see for yourself how our brain influences your choices. We will introduce and practice different methods aimed at countering biases. And we will dive into some of Daniel Kahneman's fascinating discoveries on framing in neuroscience.


About the author:

Daniel Kahneman is a psychologist and economist notable for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, as well as behavioral economics, for which he won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Daniel Kahneman - Thinking fast and slow

Game-Changing Idea #3

Can you defend your choices clearly when you are facing an ethical dilemma?

Immanuel Kant - Groundwork for the metaphysics of morals

You will be thrust into various ethical dilemmas. You will struggle to come up with the "right" solutions because there are none. In the true case, we will revisit the concept of "imperative categorical" developed by Kant – a great methodology to help you assess whether your actions are ethically defendable.


About the author:

Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804) was a Prussian philosopher. He is widely regarded as one of the most important philosophers of the modern era. 

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Game-Changing Idea #4

How do you measure courage?

During your journey, you will experience the courage it takes to try to save someone when your own life is at risk. "Vulnerability is the most accurate measure of courage" Brown says, "it's about having the courage to show up when you can't control the outcome." You will be immersed in a situation that makes you vulnerable, and you will discover the strength, the power and the dangers that result from this position.


About the author:

Brené Brown is a best-selling author and researcher who has spent decades studying the topics of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy.

Brené Brown - Dare to lead

Game-Changing Idea #5

When does your gut instinct mislead you?

Malcolm Gladwell - Blink

You will get to witness how we tend to constantly go back and forth between our conscious and unconscious modes of thinking. We will dive into the neuroscience of gut decision-making vs. deliberative decision-making. As author Malcolm Gladwell puts it: "when our powers of rapid cognition go awry, they go awry for a very specific set of reasons that can be identified and understood."


About the author:

Malcolm Gladwell is a best-selling author known for dealing with the unexpected implications of research in the social sciences, like sociology and psychology, and making frequent and extended use of academic work.


Game-Changing Idea #6

What is your strategy to quickly generate ideas under high pressure? Hint: the classic brainstorming will get you nowhere.

You will have to think out of box to find solutions to save someone's life. With your peers, you will witness firsthand the limitations of the traditional brainstorming approach and the factors that reduce creativity. We will explore how you can drastically increase creativity through a methodology that author Hal Gregersen has mastered, consisting of brainstorming by questions.


About the author:

Hal Gregersen is a senior lecturer in leadership and innovation at MIT's Sloan School of Management. He has dedicated his career to create cultures of fearless inquiry and to help leaders transform their organizations into innovative powerhouses.

Hal Gregersen - Questions are the answer

Game-Changing Idea #7

If failure is not an option in your mind, then neither is taking risks.

Reshma Saujani - Brave not perfect

That, right there, is "how perfection strangles bravery" according to author Reshma Saujani. Immersed in the true case of J.P. Mottu, you will be challenged to call the shots and you will realize how risk-taking or risk-averse you are. We will explore how your predisposition to risk can be modified through different means, starting with gaining control of your mindset.

About the author:

Reshma Saujani is a lawyer and founder of the NGO "Girls Who Code". She has found her purpose in helping others, and in particular women, overcome the obsession of perfectionism and the fear of failure.


Game-Changing Idea #8

Did you know that your brain releases a "trust hormone"?

Paul J. Zak - Trust factor

During your journey, together with the other participants, you will go through a visceral experience of trust-building and we will reveal the role of — among other things — the hormone oxytocin in this process, also called the "trust hormone", based on the research conducted by Paul J. Zack.

About the author:

Paul J. Zack was one of the first scientists to integrate neuroscience and economics into a new discipline: neuroeconomics. His research has identified the brain processes that support such virtuous behaviors as trustworthiness, generosity, and sacrifice, as well as those whose absence leads to evil, vice, and conflict.


The program features
Prof. George Kohlrieser, one of the world's leading experts in emotional intelligence.

George Kohlrieser is also a hostage negotiator and best-selling author (Hostage At The Table, Care to Dare).

An immersive journey guided by InsideRisk's Founder, Edouard Getaz

InsideRisk's Founder Edouard Getaz will take you through what he calls "the grey zone of decision-making". Acting like a coach and challenger, Edouard will make you reflect on aspects of your decision-making – and ultimately of your leadership – that you rarely have the opportunity to explore.

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Changing people's way
of leading in a highly volatile world

After a successful career in entertainment, Edouard Getaz started traveling the world to present live immersive experiences based on true stories — to create breakthroughs and allow people to learn and grow.


Since he has founded InsideRisk, Edouard has worked with thousands of people from all places and cultures, from small business owners to managers and Fortune 500 top executives, inspiring them to change their approach to leadership and critical decision-making .

Do you want to experience InsideRisk with your organization?

Our programs are available worldwide in different formats, from hybrid digital to on-site events, with the option to tailor them to the needs of your team and your organization.


Major organizations work with us on a regular basis: Airbus, Nestlé, Axiata, Richemont, InTouch, Nespresso, the European Investment Bank and several others have been recurring clients over the years. 

“A unique way to take a deep and honest look at our leadership skills.”

Bruno Giussani / International Curator 


"Revolutionizes the way a true story can be experienced."

Michael Rey / Investigative producer 60 Minutes

60 Minutes

"An incredible moment of introspection."

Bertrand Piccard / Solar aviation pioneer, President of Solar Impulse Foundation

Solarimpulse Foundation

Thousands of participants have had life-changing breakthroughs during the program. Here is what they say:

"One of the most impactful learning experiences I have ever done. Not only captivating and fun but the quality of the learning is outstanding. The ‘game changing’ ideas are spot on and leave you wanting to deploy them immediately."
Fiona F. / Participant

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