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Shadows of Medellin

How to build trust in high-stakes situations

Every day, we have to influence people in order to attain our goals. Most people do this on instinct, without any clear understanding of the mechanisms that increase trust among stakeholders. 


This explains why so many organizations fail to create a trust-based culture. Even more so when the stakes are high.

A unique approach to experiential learning

With InsideRisk, you will discover a groundbreaking approach, combining highly produced streaming interactive video content with direct online group work – all powered by web-based technology. 


Immersed and emotionally involved in Shadows of Medellin, you will put game-changing ideas directly into action in a real context – thus enabling your long-term retention of essential behaviors and skills.

Top business schools such as Duke and IMD have regularly made Shadows of Medellin part of their curriculums. InsideRisk is trusted by major companies and organizations worldwide.

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Real-life negotiator

J.P. Mottu

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Isabelle Kayne

A fascinating high-stakes situation

Thrust yourself into shoes of J.P. Mottua Swiss executive who finds himself in Colombia, negotiating for the release of one of his employees kidnapped by Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries.


You will have to make the critical decisions faced by J.P. Mottu over months of negotiations.

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Benchmark yourself

Throughout your journey, you will discover how the other participants tend to act, decide and argue — before discovering what J.P. Mottu, the real-life negotiator, did in the true case.

This benchmarking will help you understand who you are as a decision-maker. It will highlight your strengths and blindspots, a necessary first-step assessment to start mastering trust-building.

Experience and practice game-changing ideas

We have selected eight game-changing ideas that will radically transform your ability to build trust, based on some of the best research available (and some great classics!). Discover the best-selling authors who master these concepts and their landmark books. 

thinking fast and slow

Framing / Brain's loss aversion


Nobel Prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman’s research on our brain’s functioning shows that our most primal brain system tends to respond more strongly to losses than to gains.


In the context of the true case of J.P. Mottu,  you will be called upon to make critical decisions and you will see for yourself how our brain influences your choices. We will introduce and practice different methods aimed at countering biases. And we will dive into some fascinating research on framing in neuroscience.

Debrief your actions in group, with the support of InsideRisk's Founder, Edouard Getaz

During your immersion in the true case,  you will join virtual breakout rooms to debrief your actions with your peers and then transfer your take-aways to your own life, under the guidance of InsideRisk's Founder Edouard Getaz.

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Changing people's way
of leading in a highly volatile world

After a successful career in entertainment, Edouard Getaz started traveling the world to present live immersive experiences based on true stories — to create breakthroughs and allow people to learn and grow.


Since he has founded InsideRisk, Edouard has worked with thousands of people from all places and cultures, from small business owners to managers and Fortune 500 top executives, inspiring them to change their approach to leadership and critical decision-making .

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Deep dive with a world-renown expert

Shadows of Medellin features video interventions by one of the world experts in emotional intelligence applied to leadership: hostage negotiator and psychologist Prof. George Kohlrieser.

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Deploy and master your new trust-building
skills in your own life

After your group experience, you will be able to revisit the game-changing ideas online and you will be regularly incentivized to assess whether you have applied these ideas in your own life.

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Participants' testimonials

InsideRisk revolutionizes the way a true story can be experienced.

Michael Rey
Investigative Producer
CBS 60 Minutes

Phase 1 : Introduction

3 x 15 min interactive video episodes

Prior to joining your live group event online, you will go — individually — through three interactive video episodes of 10-15 minutes each.


Each episode requires that you make one critical decision — thrusting yourself in the position of J.P. Mottu — and explain your decision.

The InsideRisk team will look at your arguments and prepare your integration into the live group event.

Program overview

Phase 2 :

Live group immersion

4-hour online session

Your 4-hour live group immersion will be the core of your learning experience. InsideRisk's Founder Edouard Getaz will lead and moderate the event, live from our studio.


You will pursue your immersion in the true case, working individually and by groups, depending on the task. 


You will then go through a full debrief with your peers and set milestones to deploy the game-changing ideas in your own life.

Phase 3 :


Short online self-assessments over 3 months

On a regular basis, we will send you short video summaries of the game-changing ideas experienced during the live group immersion and check with you whether you are deploying these behaviors and skills in your own life. 

This will incentivize you to boost your ability to build trust around yourself,  inspire others and foster a high-performing culture with your stakeholders.


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