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Gain outstanding leadership experience by diving into thrilling true cases.

You will be thrust into high-stakes situations and you will have to make the critical decisions faced by the real-life protagonists.

You will experience game-changing ideas from the most advanced books and research in various fields.


You will instantly start deploying powerful behaviors in your own environment – that's experiential learning at its best!

InsideRisk triggers cognitive breakthroughs during intense online immersions.

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Scientific research shows the effectiveness of experiential learning.

A wide body of research demonstrates that people's capacity to apply their learnings in the long term is drastically increased if their training reproduces the emotional response they would have in the real world. This is why, in every InsideRisk program, we put you into the shoes of real-life protagonists.


You will retain and master the soft skills that will amplify your leadership impact.

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Immerse yourself into a short online experience and learn how to control your emotions in high-stakes situations.  

Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence

Your immediate takeaway:

A technique used by high-performing leaders to control their emotions.

Dive into the first minutes of TV5 Monde's cyberattack. You will experience an "amygdala hijack" – an essential phenomenon taking place in the human brain while under high pressure, first revealed by Daniel Goleman in his best-selling book "Emotional Intelligence".

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We curate our programs to provide you exclusively with top academic content. 


Our programs are regularly included in the curriculums of some of the world's top business schools: Duke, IMD, etc.

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TV5 Monde

Leading Through The Big Hack

Thrust yourself into the true case of Yves Bigot, CEO of the international French speaking news network TV5 Monde, who had to deal with one of the most brutal cyberattacks ever led against a media group.

Game-changing ideas

Capacity to manage one's emotions, lead, communicate and inspire in highly volatile environments. Key topics: amygdala hijack, secure base leadership, prioritization, controlling the narrative, principled decision-making, frame-bound reality.

Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence
Jocko Willink and Leif Babin - Extreme Ownership
George Kohlrieser - Care to Dare
Steven Fink - Crisis Communications
Daniel Kahneman - Thinking fast and slow
Dov Seidman - How, why how we do anything means everything

Shadows of Medellín

High-Stakes Leadership in Action

Immerse yourself in the true case of J.P. Mottu, a Swiss executive who finds himself in Colombia, negotiating for the release of one of his employees kidnapped by Marxist-leninist revolutionaries.

Game-changing ideas

Explore and master key behaviors to build trust and lead in high-stakes situations, such as framing, bonding, creative thinking, thinking ethically, being trustable and trusting others, settling the unresolved, resilience and rebounding

Brené Brown - Dare to lead
George Kohlrieser - Hostage at the table
Daniel Kahneman - Thinking fast and slow
Hal Gregersen - Questions are the answer
Malcolm Gladwell - Blink
Paul J. Zak - Trust factor
Immanuel Kant - Groundwork for the metaphysics of morals
Reshma Saujani - Brave not perfect

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60 minutes

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