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Our live interactive experiences are game changers in the field of experiential learning. Rooted in storytelling, cinema and audio design. Based on outstanding leadership experiences.

Supported by scientific research. Available globally as a live event or live webinar. Experts opinions enrich the learning experience.


yourself in unique and exciting true cases usually held confidential from the general public; Inside Riskers are turned into active players


what type of leader and decision-maker you are under high-pressure;
you benchmark yourself against the true-case protagonist, your peers and the general audience


and foster critical thinking, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and other soft skills

We focus on

In-depth reflection on Leadership and Trust-Building

01 Bonding

Are you aware that your biases
can prevent you from forging more useful relationships? 
How willing are you to bond with people you don’t naturally like or connect to?

What you will learn:
Bonding brings new insights, reduces conflict, and allows you to retain leadership in every situation.

02 Creative Thinking

When under pressure, are you
able to convert problems into opportunities? Are you enabling
a full diversity of opinions?

What you will learn:
Promoting a mindset of creativity is a critical success factor in a world of exponential change.

03 Resilience & Rebounding

Are you judging people on results or process? Do you enable people to rebound if they make a mistake?

What you will learn:

Resilience is essential to risk-taking and innovation.

04 Being Trustable & Trusting Others

As a leader, how do you earn trust for yourself and encourage trust among others?

What you will learn:

Through the practice of essential leadership behaviors, InsideRisk shows you how to build up trust through simple, practical actions.

05 Thinking Ethically

Is unethical behaviour a time bomb in an increasingly transparent world?
‍What happens when your values
don’t align with the culture of your organization?

What you will learn:
Thinking ethically will shift the paradigm of decision-making in the coming years.

06 Settling The Unsolved

How much bandwidth do you really have when you are struggling with personal unresolved issues?
How focused can you be?

What you will learn:
Developing a mindset of being psychologically “hostage-free”
and enjoying life freely.

07 Framing

Are you aware that your brain is wired to edit reality in order to help you make quick decisions?
How committed are you to seeking and evaluating other frames before making any decision?

What you will learn:
Framing unlocks your creativity, a necessary quality to seizing new opportunities.

A short intro to our exclusive true case on ethics

Are you looking for a deeply immersive approach to learning focused on ethics and compliance?

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“I can only count a few events in my life that have made me realize something about myself and driven me to make change, and today is one of them.”
Client: Airbus / March 2020

94% good / excellent experience"

“InsideRisk revolutionizes the way a true story can be experienced.”
Michael Rey, Investigative Producer
CBS "60-Minutes"

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