Fostering Trust in Crisis Situations

Wed Sept 18th - Geneva (Switzerland) 
Morning session (8.30-13.00) moderated live in English

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Preparing for crisis leadership, through experiential learning

Fostering Trust in Crisis Situations was created to trigger in-depth reflection on the essence of leadership when risk strikes  — when your organizations’s crisis management policies and protocols must be activated.

The experience is structured in such way that you first experience the true case of J.P. Mottu, a Swiss executive in charge of saving an employee who was kidnapped by Colombian rebels in 1988. During the case, you are called upon to make extremely challenging decisions, discuss them in small groups, and compare your choices to those made in the true story.

After assessing how you tend to react under pressure and how decision-making dynamics influence the outcome of a crisis, you go through a debrief and a master class on key leadership behaviors, which will prepare you to lead in tumultuous times.

Presented and moderated live by InsideRisk's Founder, Edouard Getaz.


Through this experience, you will:

  • master the fundamental behaviors that create a trust-building mindset when crisis strikes

  • improve your capacity to exercise critical thinking

  • discover the cognitive biases that typically kick in when your crisis management protocols are not sufficient to solve problems that must be addressed immediately

  • take-away the capacity to assess whether your crisis management teams are fit to face situations not properly covered by your crisis management protocols.

A unique opportunity for your professional development:

Fostering Trust in Crisis Situations is one of the most cutting-edge critical thinking and trust-building programs for executives in the field of crisis management.

There is no similar tool on the market to improve the alignment between executives (and in particular between a Chief Security Office and the rest of the executive team), when it comes to raising awareness on the value and limits of crisis management protocols.

InsideRisk delivers a certificate attesting to your participation in the program.

"A frighteningly realistic simulation of business risk and high-stakes decision-making."

Robert Harpel

CTO, Fitch Ratings
"A new way to awaken our teams to the value of crisis management."

Marc Leipziger

Group Crisis Management & Business Continuity Director, Richemont (Cartier, Montblanc, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc.)

Your experience:

The experience and learning process have been designed by an international team of leadership experts, psychologists, content creators, and IT designers. Fostering Trust in Crisis Situations is the result of three years of research and development.

It arose from a close collaboration between Edouard Getaz, founder and producer of InsideRISK; IMD Business School Professor George Kohlrieser, former hostage negotiator and world-renowned expert in leadership; and Michael Bret Hood, retired FBI special agent and expert on leadership, ethics, and compliance, working with Fortune 500 companies.

The approach is based on InsideRisk’s international hit program High Stakes Leadership in Action, which is also part of IMD Business School High-Performance Leadership course, directed by Professor Kohlrieser (“Best Open Program Worldwide 2017” — Financial Times).

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Please note that this session will be moderated in English. All video materials will also feature French subtitles. If you prefer to attend the afternoon session, moderated in French with video materials subtitled in French:

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FER Genève - Rue de Saint-Jean 98, 1201 Genève (Switzerland) Wednesday September 18, 2019 - the event starts at 8.30 and ends at 13.00. Followed by an "apéritif-networking" from 13.00 to 14.00.

CHF 400.- Partners of Galeo, Members of FER Geneva and Clusis

CHF 450.- Standard

Includes the program, coffee at 10.30pm and the networking-apéritif. V.A.T. included.



Immersion in the true case of J.P. Mottu (incl. break)

Coffee Break

Debrief / Masterclass

Networking apéritif InsideRisk Situation Room Times Square 260 West 44th Street, New York

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