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Exciting new concepts in entertainment and learning

Founded in 2016 by producer/director Edouard Getaz, InsideRisk creates and markets groundbreaking experiential learning events, immersive live experiences, and television programming centering on true stories of high-stakes incidents.

Building on the diverse creative, production, and business development expertise of an international team, InsideRisk engages both emerging and existing audiences in compelling experiences delivered across diverse platforms, combining new and traditional media. We are positioning ourselves to be the most innovative and creatively dynamic company in the space, whose products are all designed to foster critical thinking and ethical behaviors.

Currently InsideRisk offers products in three areas: leadership development, team building, and interactive television entertainment.

The company’s clients represent a wide range of industries, with notably Airbus, Nestlé, Bupa Insurance Group, Partners Group, YPO, IMD Business School, etc. Based in Times Square, New York, InsideRisk is active worldwide, with recent events taking place in New York, Sydney, Montreal, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, Geneva, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Zurich, Kuala Lumpur, Dallas, etc.

Delivering the impact of high-stakes decision-making

Leadership Development

InsideRisk’s High-Stakes Leadership in Action program was designed to help leaders dramatically increase their trust-building and critical thinking abilities. Based on the true story of Swiss executive J.P. Mottu, who in 1988 found himself in charge of saving a young engineer kidnapped by Colombian rebels, the program thrusts participants into real-life negotiations that had been kept secret for over 25 years.

Immersed in an interactive experience incorporating film, multimedia, and live moderation, participants experience high-stakes situations individually and in groups, exchanging invaluable insights and forging memorable relationships with peers. An optional online, e-learning-based 28-Day Follow-Through master class allow participants to further explore the main leadership behaviors experience during the live event.

InsideRisk’s High-Stakes Leadership in Action program was developed in collaboration with Professor George Kohlrieser of the IMD Business School in Lausanne, real-life hostage negotiator and leadership expert.

“A unique and memorable way to take a deep and honest look at our leadership skills.”

Bruno Giussani, International Curator, TED.

“A superior and humbling experience that reaches the core of what you are made of – not only as a leader, but as a human being.”

David Fink, Vice President Human Resources, Airbus Americas

“It’s nothing like a lecture. It is a big dive into people’s leadership and personalities.”

Bertrand Rajon, Head of Management and Executive Leadership, Nestlé S.A.

Taking group motivation and productivity to the next level


In InsideRisk LIVE, participants explore the story of the 1988 kidnapping of a Swiss engineer through an interactive experience incorporating film, multimedia, and live moderation. By way of provocative group exercises led by a trained expert in business psychology and group dynamics, the event fosters a deeper understanding of leadership skills and their application across group communication and decision-making processes.

“Revolutionizes the way a true story can be experienced.”

Michael A. Rey, investigative producer of the CBS television program “60 Minutes.”

Pioneering new platforms for true stories

Interactive Television Entertainment

In the forefront of the development of immersive interactive television content, InsideRisk is launching InsideRisk: Shadows of Medellin this fall on Swiss and Belgian television. Plans to bring this and other interactive television content to North American audiences are in the works.

A multi-talented team

The InsideRisk Team:

  • Edouard Getaz, Founder and CEO — visionary insights into story, audience, media, and market
  • Stephen Greco, Editorial Director — development and execution of compelling story content and messaging
  • Morgan Millogo, Head of Experience Delivery — optimized audience-member experiences across platforms and media
  • Emmanuel Getaz, Head of interactive TV Development Europe — innovative approach for European TV broadcasters
  • Robert de Liefde, Head of Executive Leadership — in-depth understanding of leadership contexts
  • Lisa Purcell, Head of Office Administration — oversight and management of synchronous team operations
  • Julien Brinas, Head of Technology — intelligence on the forefront of technology and new media possibilities
  • Johannes Meissner, Head of Sales, Marketing and Licensing — proactive integration of customer engagement and data
  • Carol Getaz, Business Development Meetings and Incentives Markets – partnership development with international accounts


Creativity and business acumen come together in InsideRisk’s imaginative leadership team

  • Alejandro Altieri, licensed psychologist and executive coach
  • Edouard Getaz, founder of InsideRisk and producer/director
  • Michael Bret Hood, leadership expert and former FBI Special Agent
  • Robert deLiefde, possibility engineer, head of leadership development at InsideRisk
  • Andreas Neumann, leadership coach and consulting Program Manager for the HPL – High Performance Leadership program at IMD
  • Edward Wareing, leadership coach and communication expert

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